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Sometimes we are only as good as the tools we use.

I don't know where I would be without the relationships I've built and the resources I have found to have the courage to start and grow the Launch Your Creative Life adventure. Here are a few of my favorite resources and tools I use.

Some of these sites are affiliate links where I receive a commission for referrals.

Launch your Online Business with a $5.99 .COM! Go Daddy is where I buy my domains and get hosting for my websites. If you have a great idea for a business name (and you think there really is a good possibility you will act on it) get the domain name now!!!! I have domain names that I have kept for a couple of years. I'm so happy I grabbed them when I had the chance.

Some people argue against having the same company hold your domain name and host your website (the "hosting" is how your website gets into the internet. It is like buying virtual real estate!) But I'm a simple girl when it comes to technology. The less running around I have to do, the less frizzy my hair gets.

And, Go Daddy have very friendly and helpful customer service reps. Believe me, I've been stressed at times with website stuff. Oh, and I've called at 5:00 AM. They are so nice at 5:00 in the morning it was a little unnerving.


There are two ways to build a website: build it yourself using some of the cool tools on the web or hire a designer.

I've done both.

It comes down to what you want to do with your website, how much time you have to put in, how much money you want to spend, etc.

There is only one web design company I recommend:  ProFramework owned and operated by Thomas Usborne.  Tom had designed two websites for me.  He is very easy to work with, charges fair prices and creates beautiful, stream lined websites.  I can't say enough nice things about him.  He saved me a lot of stress and  angst!

Check out his work at Here. Tom Usborne


The second option is to go through a DIY website tool.   There are a lot of them out there.  I've used a few and shed a lot of tears.  Then I found Studio Press.  Studio Press created a DIY website that requires almost NO html knowledge.  There are a few technical things to do (but there is a great support network and tutorials available!)  I've used one of their themes for my baking blog and have another website in the works. There are dozens of themes to choose from in many different styles (don't get lost looking!)





Plug Ins:

Plug ins are widgets added to a website. It's like taking a kitchen with the bare essentials and adding different things that are helpful but not needed.  I don't need a mixer or a paper towel hanger-thing but I sure appreciate their function.

There are a few plug-ins I find I can barely live without (like my coffee machine).

Askimet.  Askimet blocks spam comments from infiltrating your inbox and overwhelming your website.  They recognize (most) spammy emails and send them packing to the spam inbox without anything done by you.  It's a relief not to have 100+ spam emails in my inbox every single morning.  Thank you Askimet.

Share This. This tool allows readers to share your content all over the web.  Instead of having to get individual codes from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Linked In, etc. you can get one code, post it in and Wa-laa!  You can share your own content. So can your readers.

AND, Share this is kinda pretty.  Could I ask for more?

Reading Lists

Here are a few lists of my very favorite books!

Business Books

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeaul- this is one of my favorite startup books. Chris breaks down what is involved in starting a business and highlights several accidental and intentional entrepreneurs who started their own businesses on a shoestring and changed their lives.





If you've read this blog for sometime you have heard me talk about Dan Miller. He remains my favorite career coach. I love his creativity, his can-do attitude and the way he lives out what he talks about. He is all about inspiration, application and working hard in a very smart way. If you need help getting up and finding your way in your career and vocation I can't say enough good things about this book.

It starts by looking inward. Then, as you work through the process of getting to know yourself, your skills, values and desires you can find or create work you love.




If your work contains a lot of creating of ideas: thinking, stragegizing, designing, writing, speaking....this book will help you do your best work without getting burnt out. It doesn't matter if you work for yourself or for a company, if you are relied on to come up with ideas, think and work out ideas for a living, this book can help you be "brilliant at a moment's notice." I especially enjoy Todd's practical approach to designing our lives to do our best work. What we do matters. Todd helps us do it well.




Steven Pressfield doesn't let anyone get away with excuses about not getting their life's passion and work done. Read this if you want/need a good kick in the pants.





It turns out success isn't magical after all. Malcolm Gladwell uncovers some of the fascinating reasons and stories to why some people succeed and others don't.





I enjoyed Jon's first book but this book is much better (in my humble opinion). Jon breaks down the walls to why we get stuck in certain phases of chasing our dreams and gives very practical step-by-step ways to circumvent these problems. I loved his comparisons and changed some of my perspectives on my own learning curve after reading this book.





Seth Godin is brilliant at communicating ideas and showing us what we need to do and why it matters. One of my favorite examples is his "drip methodology." Seth has blogged every single day for the past 7 years. THAT is dripping- doing what you need to do regardless of how you feel or having a personal debate about the value of procrastination. The Icarus Deception emphasizes why artists, creatives, thinkers, accountants, teachers, educators, chefs...we all need to "choose ourselves" when it comes to directing our lives and choosing to do work that is the expression of who we are supposed to be.



Sometimes we forget how holistic we are.  It's nearly impossible to produce really great work and simultaneously have horrid health habits.  We can't go at full speed for very long without experiencing a let down.  It makes sense logically, but where is the proof?  Tony Schwartz breaks down why constant activity, a lack of sleep, poor eating habits and not incorporating times of rest hurt us.  He does it with many studies and clinical trials to pack up his argument.  Plus, Tony shows us what happens when we change our work habits...and how productive and effective we can become at what really  matters (and avoid killing ourselves to get there).

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