E-Course Review: Boot Girls Series by Christy Tomlinson

Published on October 8, 2014 by

Boot Girls Series Course ReviewI've been taking some amazing online art classes this year and I've got to tell you about one of them!

Are you taking any classes that you absolutely love?  Here's 3 reasons why you should:

  1. It's so much fun!!!

Sometimes I get so busy and I don't stop and smell the roses and enjoy the joy of creating art. I'm really working on that this year. I forgot how fun it is to be a student and just get lost in creating art.

  1. Expand your skills
  2. Move out of a rut.

If you're feeling a bit "blah" in your creativity,

How do I evaluate a course?

Did the course make good on its promise? 

In this case, YES! My drawing of feet (and legs) has been blah at best and oh-my-word-awful at worst.  I'm not thrilled with my feet and legs but I can see the growth and change.

Christy not only shows us how to draw feet and boots, but also....

  • faces- how to draw things on a small scale
  • fashion - she goes through several different outfits and we get to practice drawing and painting plaid, jeans, leggings, cowgirl boots, scarves,
  • Hair! Different styles and colors
  • Backgrounds and basic shadowing so our girls don't look like they are floating!
  • Accessories

Did I want to go through to the end?

I've taken classes that I haven't finished. Either I didn't keep up or I just lost momentum.  The way Christy progresses through class, I wanted to keep going.

For example- in Week 1 we practice sketching.

In week 2- we go through painting.

In week 3, we revisit the watercolors and add in pen and ink to add depth and dimension.  I wanted to get to week 3 to see my watercolors "pop."

Did I have fun AND Grow?

Sometimes in courses I get better but it's not so much fun.

Other times the course- for a variety of reasons- isn't very fun (in my opinion).

This was my first course with Christy Tomlinson and I did have fun and I did grow.  I really enjoy the blend of videos and written tutorials. I'm giving it an "A."

I would sketch and paint along with her, pausing as I needed to catch up.  It made me feel as if I was "in class."

The course is spread over 3 weeks but you have access to the material for a year.  I finished it in about 4 weeks, working on it about 4 nights a week for 30-60 minutes a night.

If you are interested in it, here is the link to the Boot Girls course.  I don't know Christy and I don't get a commission- I just love the course and recommend it, especially if you want a little boost in drawing people and painting them with watercolors.

How about you?  What classes have you taken in 2014?


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