Monday Motivation: Pushed on by Inconvenience

Published on September 10, 2013 by

the last song of summerMost of the time I would like to be brighter than I can be.  Some Mondays the best motivator I can bring is "do the work because it's the daily work that counts."

Like today.  The opportunity to do the work (painting) came in the disguise of an inconvenience.

As I was writing the power goes out.

I found out (from the note stuck under my door) the power would be out for about 3 hours while electricians were fixing some sort of problem.

Not only was the power out but the water would be shut off too.  So the toilets wouldn't flush.

About that time I'm thinking I'm going to pack up my computer and head to Starbucks.

Accept that the Starbucks is under renovation and won't be open until next week.

Time for a change in plans.  I turned off the computer and decided to go out to my car for....well, I don't know what I originally was going to get.

I just know that I ended up painting.  I did the work.  It was talking to me so I did it.  I painted.  It was spontaneous and fun.  Nothing terribly great came from it.  It was a few more paintings; continuing to work towards a goal of becoming the painter I want to be.  I painted an idea I've thought about for the past two weeks:  the last songs of summer.

Summer is merging into fall, resisting all the way with its heat waves and dry leaves and cooling nights.  The birds and flowers and trees and bugs all seem to realize it too.  Their songs and dance is a little different than normal as the warm weather leaves and shorter, cooler days approach.

They are saying goodbye to summer to welcome the fall.

Just like the birds I saw in the park, I'm doing the same thing: waving goodbye to some things and welcoming into my life other changes.

Good bye and hello.

Nothing brilliant or insightful- just remember to keep doing the work.  It really is going to pay off!

Do you have anything in your life you are saying goodbye or hello to?

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