Happy Art!

Somebody Needs You to Shine

Hello Creative Friends :)

Looking for inspiration, fun pictures or colorful images?

Enjoy using my happy art for your blogs, pinterest boards or as an image to encourage you throughout the day!

Somebody needs you to shine today.   I want to help make it easier for you to let go of those shiny parts of yourself.

If you want to see the entire image (some of them get cut when I create the gallery), double click on the image you would like!

Please, please when you post if you would link back to the website, I would appreciate it!

Cute Girls and Fun Style

Motivation & Happy Thoughts

Playful Patterns

Coffee & Baking Love

Fields of Flowers

A little of this; A little of that......


  1. Jenelle

    Melissa, yahoo and congrats! Wow. These happy art pics are so beautiful and so YOU! I love them all and will use them and of course will refer back to this fun and inspiring site :) I'm listening to Sara Bareilles song Brave and I can't help but smile as I think of you. Continue to be Brave, girl and I'm so proud of you!!! P.S I recognize some of the art from a few bookmarks I have ;) This is so awesome!

    • melissa

      Aww, thank you Jenelle. Your words mean so much! I was a bit nervous but I decided to take the plunge and go in a more specific direction with the LYCL site!

  2. Katherine Torrini

    These are delightful-- sweet, whimsical, and generous too.

    • melissa

      Thank you Katherine- for the kind comment and for stopping by :)

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