Yes, You are Creative (Just Keep Going)

Published on February 18, 2014 by

Tulips by Melissa AuClairGrandpa Haas lived as a working watercolor artist for decades. Yet he didn't think art was limited to painting on canvas or sculpture.

In fact my grandfather had one of the broadest definitions of art I've ever heard. I remember our conversation very clearly. We were driving down Thornton Road in Stockton, on our way to lunch together, when Grandpa started talking about the different applications of art.  "Art isn't limited to fine art he said. It's everywhere."

He began to get more excited, even beginning to point out different things we were passing by- the hardwood store and different restaurants.

"The guy who designed the sink faucet, he's an artist. So are the people who design signs. And cars- just look at the variety on the street."

Later in the day, after Grandpa had spent several more hours in his studio, he would make a dinner with flair, using recipes as a base for his creations but changing the technique and ingredients to create something new. This was another one of the ways Grandpa pulled art in to his every day life.

We're all creative.

Each of us is endowed with creative abilities- whether we are working as visual artists, photographing food, figuring out how to pay bills and make good meals on a limited budget, or leading a team at an organization.

In essence, creativity is solving problems, whether the problem is tangible (what can I make for dinner with what is already in the house?) or intangible (creating visual art that will encourage or soothe a discouraged spirit).

The definition of creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas...and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations

This month I'm focused on creativity; the science behind it, the thought process, the reasons why we create, and why creativity is important, vital to each one of us. And the biggest helpful "secret" I've found in creativity is this:

Just Keep Going.

Part of the frustration many creatives have is due to not seeing things through to the end.  It takes time to go through the process and discipline of being creative but it is worth it. If you have not figured out "your fit," keep trying, playing, and experimenting.  Check out these reasons why you might be having a creative jam.

Keep going.

Keep Creating.

 Be Ardently, Passionately, Consistently Creative.

What are you creating this month?  Let us know and leave a link to your website or blog so we can come by and visit.

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