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A Monday Motivation post is coming.  Later tonight (probably- it's been a day of editing...and re-editing).

In the meantime, check out this very fun DIY blog featuring two friends and their fun finds on the web.

They just like to make stuff.

Me too!!!!

I really love the April Fools Joke they pulled on the site today.  Check it out!

A Beautiful Mess


Pad Thai from A Beautiful Mess Blog

Pad Thai from A Beautiful Mess Blog

Here is something else I thought is delightful.  If you have three million cans that you don't want to throw away....and you have a penchant for gardening BUT you don't want the animals (or the kids) to get to the flowers, THIS is a great alternative.

A beautiful mess repurposed gardenO.k.  I'll be back later.  :)

Happy Monday.


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