Anyone starting on the web today can feel like a little fish in a very, very big pond.

It is easy to feel that there everything has already been done or someone else is doing it better.

In reality, there IS room for everyone at the table IF you follow some of the "rules" of the internet (and completely UN-follow other said rules).

The important step is knowing the most essential tasks to do in order to connect with the people you want to.  After all, if you are writing about direct selling in the beauty industry but noone but spammers show up in your inbox, you've got a problem (I know.  I've been there).

For a long time I didn't want to learn things like SEO, how to build an email list or how to set up a wordpress site.  I thought I wasn't "techy-minded."  And I thought I didn't really need to know how.  I mistakenly believed that if I wrote lots of good content, the women I was speaking to would find my site.

That didn't happen.

It wasn't until I began to implement certain practices  like SEO and building my presence online that things started to change.

And then the fun REALLY started.

If I hadn't buckled down and learned the basics (and a lot more) of SEO, things would be a lot different.

SEO Services

It's not as scary as it sounds but it is uber-important.

There are two parts to SEO:  what is done on the website itself and what is done outside of the website.

If the website is not "Search-engine optimized" Google and the other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc) can't find you.  SEO is like having the lights on in the window on a stormy night.  Doing the right things on your website (making it "optimized for the search engines) lets the search engines find a website and alert other people who are looking for that sites's information.

The second part of SEO is helping other people find you.  The term used in the internet marketing world is "getting traffic" to the webiste.  Without traffic, a site with great information and products is like a bakery with its shelves full of warm chocolate croissants,  crisp apple strudels, soft snickernoodles, fresh chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies and Julia Child style brownies but no one comes because no one knows the bakery is exists. 

TRAGIC, right!?!

Equally tragic is that many bloggers, artists, writers, and designers expereince this in their websites!

For a SEO "beauty blast", I will:

  • Critique how well your site is optimized
  • Write a plan for on-site optimazation
  • Give a 30 minute consultation of how to optimze the website in a weekend (It's like a beauty mask for your website!  Get the dead, dry skin off and reveal a fresh, soft, optimized "face" to the website)

To get started, go to and write "SEO" in the comment box along with your website and your contact information.  I will get back to you promptly!

Content & Creative Consultant

SEO is about making sure the website is being seen by search engines.  When things are working smoothly in SEO, more people can find the website.

This is what we want.

But what happens next?  A website is simply a medium, a platform to share our message.

Once people come, it is essential to give them what they want, to serve the people who we have a message for.  Without something to pay attentiont to, the audience leaves.

If you need help adding content to your website to engage the audience, check out these articles:

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If you still have questions or would like some help in creating contents and products, please don't contact me at

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