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Hey Creatives!

Natalie over at the Suitcase Entrepreneur is having a big hoopla as she launches her brand new book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

As part of the celebration, Natalie is holding a 30 Day Blog Challenge for bloggers to help them move to the "next level" in their pursuit of blogging, business and the location independent lifestyle.

So, for the next few weeks, the posts may be coming at you a little more frequently (for those who subscribe to the RSS feed). I've been struggling a bit in my direction so I'm super excited to go through a little bit of a blogging and business boot camp for the month of August and come out with a stronger sense of purpose, clearer direction and better stuff for you- the reader!

When I started Launch You Creative Life, it was about launching into my own journey.

But as I've gone one, I realized it's way more than that.

In fact, focusing on me is pretty boring. And self absorbed.

What's more fun for me is to focus on you.

My joy in life comes from encouraging others in their dreams. I love seeing women achieve the goals and dreams that are in their hearts- especially for creative artists.

Yes, I want to pursue my own goals to create income with the more elusive creative skills: sharing ideas, inspiring happy art, teaching skills.

My goal is to share what I learn with the artisan entrepreneur who is getting her toes wet in the creative pool, dreaming about making her creative skills into a creative income and living a full on, adventuresome life where, at the end we say with author and speaker Todd Henry, "I'm dying empty."

All used up. Spent. Shared. Creatively juiced. I want to die not with my creative dreams still inside of me but spilled out on the ground, seeds planted, sown and growing.

I want it for me. I want it for you.

If you want to check out what Natalie has to share, do stop over at her blog. She has some great resources for today's entrepreneurs.
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