The Definition of Location Indepedence

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Hey, it's Day 4 of Natalie's Blogging Challenge and today she asks, What is your definition of location independence?  

I'm sitting in Starbucks, a little bleary eyed, thinking about a few changes I need to make to the blog. But I'm committed to seeing this challenge to completion to help me build a bit of clarity into Launch Your Creative Life.

My definition of location independence is:

to have a little home base somewhere- it doesn't have to be big but I would love, love, love a white kitchen with lots of windows and natural sunlight and a big kitchen table so I can have lots of people over for get together's.  And some trees and a little garden out the window.  And I've always wanted to have in-home workshops (wouldn't that be fun).  Sorry for the tangent.

Moving on.

But I would love to travel for several months out of the year too.  I would love to live overseas, experience a different lifestyle, work under artisan bakers or chocolatiers in Europe, take writing and painting workshops, teaching writing and art workshops, leading food tours (Let's eat and paint our way through Paris), volunteer in an orphanage in another country- I mean rocking babies, so much stinking fun for this single, baby-lovin girl- writing and drawing my food and life adventures all over the world.

So maybe I can't have this all at the same time.

And maybe my definition of location independence is this:  being able to do the work I make an income from regardless of whether I have a little home or am working diligently from a pastry shop in Paris.

Your thoughts?  Do you think about working from home, working from Italy or Peru or the local coffees hop?  Appealing?

By the way...there are going to be some fun posts coming up in the very near future!

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