Write Out Your Perfect Day: Day 5 of the Suitcase Entrepreneur Challenge

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thinking girlA coach once instructed me to write down my perfect day, much like Natalie is challenging us to do through the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

I look back and smile because my idea of the perfect day has changed so much since then, just like I have.

That is the beauty of growing, learning and discovering: our perfect days change as we do.

Now, I'm not so caught up in the specifics of a perfect day as much as implementing what a productive day means- the tactics I need to implement to create the life I'm pursuing.

Perhaps, now that I know myself a little better, I know what leads to an ideal day - both for me and those I (hope to) one day serve, help and inspire.

Morning:  Bible Study & Exercise and 3-4 hours of writing:  blogs, books, current projects- my own or for clients.

I've discovered the earlier I begin to write and stick with it, the more productive my time is.  I haven't tried painting early in the morning- but I might try it to see how it goes.

Late morning:  Check email, social media- set the timer!

My biggest problem right now:  marketing my work and services.  As I write this post I realized I don't schedule time in to find clients and nurture potential relationships that would create income.  I'm starting to develop products-but I know these will be a slower growing income stream.  A light bulb moment (thanks Natalie). 

Afternoon:  Planning & Creating - writing out outlines for speaking engagements, workshops and seminars, e-courses.  Designing art for stationary line and products for the creative blog.   Or...working through projects for the baking blogs, developing resources for food bloggers, etc.

So....the way I flow I can work for long periods of time, even late into the night.  I like to go to coffee shops and switch up the location of my setting, but I'm fine working long hours.  Then, it's fun to take a break and rest for periods of time too.  And, as I've gotten real work done, I feel like I can really take a break and rest :)

To write this post I thought of some of the values I want to practice in life:

Useful & Helpful

Creative & Inspiring

Creating Products & Services

Coaching & Teaching

Building Relationships & Friendships

Beauty & Cooking

Traveling & Discovering

For my readers- have you figured out a flow when you are at your most creative peek?

I have a hard time doing intense writing at night but a novelist friend enjoys writing at night after the kids are asleep.

We are all different and knowing when we are the most productive (and establishing discipline to maintain the zone of productivity) is essential to moving into living a creative life that isn't just a dream.

Let's move those dreams into reality peeps ;)

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